Smoking section

The secret’s out – everyone smokes. Outside the old theater where the American Music Awards plodded along, throngs partied in billowing clouds of Camel Lights. Agents, producers, musicians, arm candy, husbands and lawyers banded to together in every dark space, lighting each other up and inhaling to the heavens.
No cigars, though. Those are for the real nonsmokers.

Will Smith

“It was about sex and stuff. Coz I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m goin’ raunchy with it,” Smith says backstage, referring to a song? Not sure. A movie? Not sure? A trip to the bank? Maybe. Looking like a millions bucks, Smith blathers on about his pal Curtis Jackson, a rapper who we can’t bring ourselves to call 50 Cent. “He’s brilliant. We talk for hours and hours.”
Smith announces that “rap music in general is in a renaissance period.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

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