Grammys: On the tarmac

It was upsetting, hideous and completely needless – oh, sorry, that was the passenger being shot by the Air Marshal – but it also applies to today’s Grammy nods handed out to a predictable pantheon of earners.

The prize for the turnaround of Mariah Carey career should go the faceless suit – probably an entertainment lawyer in a Century City highrise _ who engineered it.
Whoever he is.
But anyway, eight nods went to the record which was pieced together like a tile bathroom. But has anyone ever heard Carey sing? Seriously. Because for years there’s been so much made out of this songbird’s alleged 12-octave coo that each time she emits an album, I can’t wait to hear something amazing. Then, it’s the usual meaningless treacle that sounds like all the other meaningless treacle.

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