“Munich:” No comment, no love

Can we all agree now that Steven Spielberg’s decision to stand mute on his latest film (while chirpily chatting with the usual suspects for “War of the Worlds”) was a disastrous miscalculation; that, for better or worse, willingly and cheerfully grinding oneself up in the star-making machinery is just an occupational hazard come awards season? (And why wouldn’t someone want to discuss a movie of such serious intentions, anyway? Why leave it to op-ed-page columnists to deconstruct? Why deprive people of a story that’d be infinitely more interesting than Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick reminiscing about yokking it up one last time for “The Producers?”) Who wants to bet we’ll see a couple of very high-profile profiles of Spielberg just before the Golden Globes (and, coincidentally, just before Oscar ballots are due)?

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