People’s Choice: Masterson no master as a DJ

We expected last night’s People’s Choice Awards after-party at the Shrine Auditorium to be bumping with celebs, especially since Danny Masterson (AKA DJ Donkeypizzle) was spinning. But the event was more like a craft services tent for famished industry peeps to eat while the celebs worked the red carpet. Jessica Simpson popped in and out and Natasha Henstridge swooped in for caviar and chips. “A History of Violence” heartthrob Ashton Holmes, who looked adorable in a pair of beat-up chucks, stuck around for a little longer, as did E!’s host of “The Soup,” Joel McHale, who couldn’t walk two steps without being told he’s the funniest man on TV. DJ Donkeypizzle didn’t fair as well. Despite his awesome mix of ’80s tunes by the Smiths and Joy Division, the dance floor was the most vacant area in the house, reminding us of the cringetastic party scene in “13 Going on 30.” It’s too bad Jennifer Garner, who won an award last night for Favorite Female Action Star, wasn’t there to request Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

i-dc6a14b5d167ce407818bd505a74a911-othrashton.JPG i-413b90c1cd8035e14b7498ca0dfb3757-joelll.JPG i-3fcf976b86e5d9a8e0c70190eda31369-dancefloor_party.jpg

Ashton and Joel were two of the many people not on the dance floor. For more pix, click here.

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