Superman’s Super Smile

There seemed to be more mextrosexual actors than actresses scooping up freebies at the Platinum Guild International Jewelry Preview at the Luxe Hotel in Bev Hills this afternoon. LA.COMfidential reports that Rex Lee, who plays Jeremy Piven’s witty assistant on Entourage? (left), was sprawled on a bed, enjoying an organic Jurlique facial. Ashton Holmes, who plays Viggo Mortensen’s son in “A History of Violence,” had a one hand dipped in a frothy bowl of warm milkĀ—part of The Paint Shop‘s chai latte manicure. “Superman Returns” star Brandon Routh (right) was perfecting his smile with a Zoom II teeth whitening treatment, made famous by Dr. Sherri Worth on The Swan.? (Well see if his choppers look brighter this Monday when he presents an award at the Golden Globes. We know the rest of him will sparkle; he snagged a $42,000 platinum watch and an $8,000 ring to wear on the red carpet.) Routh’s girlfriend, indie actress Courtney Ford, also opened wide for a treatment. She divulged that she met her super guy at Lucky Strike, where Routh was working as a bartender!

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