Thoughts on John Mayer, Timberlake and Enya…

John Mayer just won the Grammy for best pop vocal album. He sings swell but gives a dull acceptance speech. So this is the guy who is supposedly dating Jessica Simpson? Yes, she’s cute. But isn’t she kinda dumb? Like Judge Judy says: “Looks fade, but stupid is forever.”
Anyway, on to Timberlake. When he was performing “What Goes Around Comes Around,” there were all these weird close-ups of his face, like up his nose close-ups…can see the pores on the face close-ups. This was not such a good idea if ya ask me.
Just as an aside, Enya won a Grammy in the pre-show and came backstage and told us that this was the first time she had ever been to the Grammys to accept. Her third Grammy win was for best New Age album. Anyway, the thing is, she wasn’t in the convention center to accept the Grammy in person so I asked her: “WHERE WERE YOU?” She confessed: “I was actually on the red carpet…but the news was wonderful when I found out.”

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