Broadcast critics awards: In case anyone cares

Since no one pays attention to these jokers, their efforts to produce a solidified front were justified tonight, when they gave awards more or less to the films everyone more or less expects to win.

Anyway, here’s your key graf from the press release:

King Kong received a special Distinguished Achievement in Performing Arts Award to recognize the revolutionary cinematic achievement in synthesizing visual effects with an actors performance to create the character. The award was accepted by actor Andy Serkis, animation director Christian Rivers, animation supervisor Joe Letteri and via special effects, King Kong himself.

And so, the magic continued:
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Critics: That was quick

… if you’re talking true quality, anyway. Three of the more legitimate critics organizations have named “Brokeback Mountain” the best picture of 2005. Not that that means we’re going to be spared two-and-a-half months of the most desperate, unseemly campaigning to convince everybody that a gay cowboy movie just can’t be the best that cinema could do this year. But with the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the New York Film Critics Circle and the Boston Society of Film Critics all anointing Ang Lee’s deeply touching tale tops, any other entries will just be running to win popularity contests, not any claim to artistic superiority.