Parent of Rim of the World High alumni supports Bob Gradillas

Last week, I wrote about Rim of the World football coach Bob Gradillas stepping down after 18 successful years as head coach at the school, which included a CIF-SS title in 2012.
I quoted one parent anonymously, who said in part, “A lot of people don’t like him. I think he’s done a lot for the Rim program for so long. … I’m sad to see him go but excited for the change.”
At least one Rim supporter disagrees with the notion that “a lot of people don’t like him.” I figured it’s only fair to post here comments in support of Gradillas.
Roger Grotewold, who had four children attend Rim and all of them had either Bob, his father Frank or both as a teacher and/or coach emailed me in response to my story. He gave me permission to reprint his emailed comments on the blog. Here is the majority of his email:

“All of our children were involved with Frank and Bobby Gradillas at Rim and as a family we certainly appreciated their commitment to our children’s development into productive and contributing citizens.  Now that the Gradillas family is no longer coaching and mentoring our young Rim students, I certainly appreciated your commendable job of writing a positive article about Bobby and Frank.
One exception I need to mention is the parent you quoted in the article that began, One Rim Parent of a current and former football player said, “There’s a lot of people on the fence.  A lot of people don’t like him, etc.” That parent  certainly speaks for a small minority of the people in the Rim Of The World High School Community.  Sadly, as so often happens with things that are stated in the modern mass media today, a simple statement such as that parent’s comment can so easily be taken as a verifiable fact. It is simply not true.
 I am here to tell you, Pete, a vast majority of the parents and people associated with Rim Of The World High School express overwhelming praise and appreciation towards the Gradillas Family and their positive contribution to our youth and their development.  Sadly, my comment about this will only be heard by you in this email. 
In a world where fairness would be of the utmost importance, I would wish that all the people in The Sun community would hear the truth. You see Pete, a large majority of the folks on the mountain know and feel that Bobby and Frank Gradillas have done a wonderful job and have made a most positive contribution to the young people of our community. The parent you quoted previously certainly doesn’t speak for the majority and I wanted you to know that.”

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