3 football coach openings in Colton district, how many will change?

All three head football coaching jobs in the Colton Unified School District were posted as being open on Thursday, but its entirely possible only one of the schools will change head coaches.
The one that will change is at Bloomington, where Marcos Fino stepped down after three straight 1-9 seasons.
“He felt that the players weren’t responding to him,” Bloomington athletic director Chris Brickley said of the reason why Fino stepped down.
Brickley said he feels like if the Bruins get the right person in place, it can be turned around next year.
“We want someone who is experienced in turning programs around,” Brickley said. “I think our preseason schedule is favorable. And we return quite a few starters. A turnaround is possible if we get the right guy.”
Brickley also said that a massive stadium renovation at Bloomington should make the job even more attractive to applicants.
The other two head coaching positions in the district, at Colton and Grand Terrace were also posted as being open on a job web site. But both of those coaches, Chris Mailo from Colton and Ryan Smalls from Grand Terrace are planning on returning.
However, because Mailo and Smalls are not on-campus teachers at the school, the positions are opened up each year. Should a teacher on campus meet the qualifications, they would get priority for the job.

Does this seem a little odd? And is there more to this story?
I would say yes, and no.
It is odd, because of the multitude of off-campus coaches each year, they aren’t all opened up every year at least in other districts they aren’t. This could be an exception because either it’s Colton district (and maybe they do things differently), or it’s football, because it’s the highest-profile sport.
It has been suggested that there may be more to this. But if Smalls and Mailo are being pushed out for any reason, I think they would know about it. And by all appearances, they don’t know about it and intend on being back.

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