Starving them out

The hold Republicans have on the state budget — Day 46 and still no state budget — is like a blockade in war. They are starving them out. Legislators are not getting paid. But while most lawmakers can afford to miss a paycheck or two, you can’t say the same for their legislative staff.

Staffers for state Sen. Jack Scott, D-Pasadena, and Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, D-La Canada Flintridge, have not gotten paid since June 30, the last day of the previous fiscal year. Only those with accounts at certain banks, such as Wells Fargo, that accept the state’s I.O.U., can get cash. The others are out of luck.

That is unfair. It’s one thing to punish the legislators for botching the budget, it’s a different matter to punish their staff.
Also, Scott said he’s heard from 35 nursing home employees who work for companies that contract with the state. They are not getting paid, either, and may soon lose their jobs.
All may be fair in war and in partisan budget battles. But tell that to these regular employees with rents and utility bills to pay.
I can’t help but think what a huge outcry there would be if this were happening to teachers or prison guards.

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2 thoughts on “Starving them out

  1. The budget battle should NEVER be a partisan matter, though the Democrats are trying to score points, which their arguments stand no legs.

    The truth are as follows:

    1) Senate GOP offered emergency funding for Medi-Cal payments, the offer was shot down by Senate President Perata.

    2) The budget proposal that was sent out of the Assembly shows $799 Million deficit, which is against the state constitution to even have a deficit.

    3) The so call “reserves” is nothing but a budget gimmicks to cook the books.

    4) The forecast for next year reveals bigger deficits according to the LAO – Legislative Analysis Office.

    5) The current housing slump and slow down will make budget negotiations harder next year, which is an election year.

    It is a good thing that the Senate GOP held the cards and pointing out the problems.

    The Governor has the power to call for “Special Session” NOW. The Governor exercised that authority after he got sworn in on November 17, 2003! What is the difference between then and now, I would like to ask the Governor that question myself!

  2. Steve Scauzillo on August 15 wrote about how unfair it was staff members and vendors could not get paid until the state has a budget however in the same article He is quoted saying that some banks(Wells Fargo) will acccept the states IOU’s.I would think Mr Scauzillo should have wriiten about how vendors and staff members ARE getting money due them if they take IOU’s to bank and not try and mislead his readers

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