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I’ve always thought highly of Vincent Bugliosi, the former L.A. County prosecutor who put Charlie Manson on death row, and the author of several riveting true crime books, including “Helter Skelter” which was about the Manson case, and “Outrage,” in which he picked apart the flawed prosecution in the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

I remember reading “Outrage” and after each page, becoming angrier and angrier over the sheer ineptitude of the prosecutors in that case. Bugilosi is a highly respected legal mind and a sharp writer.

So, when I heard he was speaking at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena Thursday night to promote his new book, “The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder,” I had mixed feelings. Could he be for real? His reputation, and hearing him speak, gave me the answer. He’s dead serious.

Bugliosi spoke with passion and conviction to a standing-room only crowd at Vroman’s on Colorado Boulevard. Bugliosi is true to his word. He spoke clearly about how in his view George W. Bush misled the Congress and the American people into war in Iraq. He believes that such conduct is not only reprehnsible but criminal.

Whether any attorney general of any of the 50 states, or any county district attorney, would prosecute George W. Bush after he leaves office for war crimes is the $64,000 question (or considering the price tag of the Iraq war, it should be the $564 billion question).

One thing is certain. Bugliosi is not a nut and he’s not gone whacko. He’s still the same respected, legal mind that put Manson and almost every murder defendant he prosecuted behind bars.

It’s too bad that very few media outlets will have him on their talk shows to discuss his new book. He said it is the first time he has been virtually shut out of all major media outlets from promoting a book of his. He said the media are scared of upsetting the right wing. Yet, despite the media blackout, it has jumped to 9th on the New York Times Bestseller list.

His point: America is no longer exercising its two main principles: 1. No one is above the law. and 2. We have freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

The book was published by Vanguard Press in May, 2008.

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6 thoughts on “Bugliosi talks about new book

  1. He got a Million Iraqis killed, over 4000 Americans Killed with nothing to show for it over a war with no reason, based on lies. Hows that working for you Americans?

    Prosecution for war crimes and murder seems too trivial a punishment.

  2. It is very sad, dangerous and wrong that the news media is so strongly shaped by the religious right. The once ‘trusted’ CNN is now Fox-lite. Everyone should read this book and get angry. It is time to bring responsibility back to our government. Bush is a total disgrace.

  3. I read the book. He’s right. Bugliosi presents his case in his usual meticulous manner. I also read his book “RAGE” concerning the OJ Simpson disaster. Both are eye openers. What a world we live in!!!

  4. He’s right about Bush and this cursed war. He defends his position with the same meticulous approach he used in his book RAGE concerning the OJ Simpson disaster. What a world we live in!

  5. Face it folks – this book is just liberal whacking material.

    Just tough it out for a few more months and you’ll be able to stick it to George in the voting booth.

    What’s that you say? Bush isn’t running? Damn. Can’t get no satisfaction. Oh well, you’ll just have to be satisfied with the book.

  6. Steve, Like you, Bugliosi was a hero of mine when he put the Manson Family in jail. Now 30+ years later I have to question his motives. Did he speak out or write a book over the fake Gulf of Tonkin attacks that allowed Lyndon Johnson to expand the Vietnam War? If not, why now is this any different? I will read his book to see where he is coming from and if he has an ax to grind. All this, like the 9-11 conspiracy theories, just make most Americans shake their heads. Do you believe them? I can’t explain how a 767 airliner hit the pentagon and made such a small hole, but to believe it was a government conspiracy means our entire life and faith that America is good is wrong. To make that jump I for one will need some real evidence, not just theory and opinion.

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