Cheap gas! Woo hoo!

File this one under “Cheaper than therapy.”

I heard about a couple of gas stations offering cheaper gasoline, so I went down there this morning on my way to work. I filled up at the Mobil at Durfee Avenue and Peck Road (at the 60 Freeway) for $3.95 a gallon (regular).


This felt better than any editorial I’ve written on high gas prices. Any editorial cartoon I’ve run showing oil company executives as fat pigs rolling in record-setting profits. It was economics in practice.
I just bought gas for under $4 a gallon! First time in at least a year, right? And it felt good. I was on such a high, I decided I could spring for a cup of coffee. As I pulled the handle down on the filling station’s coffee machine, nothing came out. The cashier/manager told me he had completely run out of coffee! It was around 9:15 a.m. so I guess he was busy with customers earlier this morning.

So was the Shell station across Durfee, which also was selling gas for $3.95. My colleague here, Linda Alquist, said the Conoco/Phillips 66 station at Garey Avenue and Foothill Boulevard on the Pomona/Claremont border was also selling gas for $3.95. I’ve not seen it cheaper? If you have, do tell.

Now, this makes me feel like I’m sticking it to the man. It beats inflating my tires properly (although I do that, so don’t go telling Obama.).

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14 thoughts on “Cheap gas! Woo hoo!

  1. cheaper gas = more consumption = greater releases of green house gasses.

    Allow me to simplify:
    cheap gas = goodbye progress

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