The Foothill CIties Blog: dead again


Looks like thefcblog, which had recently become a narrowly focused look at Monrovia politics and pro tax rants has died again.

The blog, which flourished when it had multiple voices covering cities from Pomona to Pasadena, did some big things before it died. It took on Pomona City Attorney Arnold Alvarez Glasman, and exposed the Valley to Aaron Proctor.
Here at SGVN reporters appreciated a hat-tip from the endeavor which was operated by a couple of anonymous dudes who called themselves Centinel and Publius.
The blog had gone offline for several weeks late last year. It’s return was noticed by reporter-g and LAO. No doubt this time the demise is final…
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7 thoughts on “The Foothill CIties Blog: dead again

  1. The blog scene changed once Aaron Proctor left. Even his blog in Philly is shut down now. Whether you liked him or hated him he got you talking. I read the “sierra madre tattler” which shows how screwed up Sierra Madre really is – Pasadena Political Underbelly which gives an amazing breakdown of the city council meetings – and a few others.

    I will miss Foothill Cities – back in the day it was a good one!

  2. Thanks for the story, Frank. I just clicked over there and was wondering if they were dead (again) or if my browser was just acting up. Googled “foothill cities blog” and found this story.

    Proctor was way too self-serving and self-promoting for my taste, and I stopped reading him after I figured that out. The old Centinel and Publius posts were entertaining and informative. The shift to “all Monrovia, all the time” didn’t have to be bad, except their main voice came across as a very unpleasant individual.

    Still, it’s surprising it actually died. You think they’d just go back to blogspot or something free.

  3. Angel Bec Please please stop the AP apologetics. He started out amusing, became a troll, pissed off too many people, and was eventually slapped down.

    “…………Whether you liked him or hated him he got you talking………”
    What the heck does that even mean? Sheesh.

    The same can be said about Ghandi or Hitler. One got you talking in a constructive way the other got you talking about “those” folks and how they are the cause of the country’s problems.

    AP was reckless, and inflammatory, which can be great for a cause but pointless, often dangerous, for a self serving publicity hound.

    Let’s not romanticize him. Let’s hope he gets his act together, goes to college, finds a nice girl and buys a home. Not a bad life for anyone.

  4. “The shift to “all Monrovia, all the time” didn’t have to be bad, except their main voice came across as a very unpleasant individual….”

    A certain ex cop whose initials are CJP?

  5. I’m with you 5th Estate!

    Aaron Proctor spewed right-wing extremism (right off the radio) around town, and no way was that cool!

    but you have put this better than me.

    Foothill Cities supported him in doing this, and this is why they are history now,

    which is pretty amazing.

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