Walnut man shot during break-in attempt

Here’s the story:

A Walnut man who forced his way into a Pomona apartment Monday evening was shot after he stabbed a man inside the residence.

Paramedics flew Anthony Zabele, 27, to Los Angeles County USC Medical Center for treatment of gunshot wounds to his lower legs.

Police received a call about a stabbing and shooting in the 700 block of East Third Street at 6:14 p.m. They found Keith Kilpatrick, 28, of San Bernardino, April Chacon, 24, of Pomona and Zabele in the apartment.

Officers discovered that Zabele entered the apartment and attacked Kilpatrick and Chacon. Kilpatrick was stabbed during the fight. Kilpatrick shot Zabele in self-defense, police said.

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Arcadia’s most wanted

The Arcadia Police Department has set up a Web page  listing its most wanted criminals.

Not a top ten list, like the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted, but certainly a valuable tool for Arcadia police.

Here’s who they are looking for:

Two suspects in an armed robbery, described as male Hispanics in their 20s.

A man, possibly Hispanic, suspected of burglarizing a jewelry store on Las Tunas.

Check out the Web site for composite drawings and pictures. And call the cops at *626) 574-5151 if you know any of these characters.

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Pasadena PD to hold press conference

Anytime the Pasadena Police Department contacts the media, its usually because they want something. Today it’s because they want to show off some of the loot they’ve recovered from four men arrested in connection with a string of burglaries. Here’s the budget note from our line-up:

Cops will hold a 3 p.m. news conference to announce they’ve linked four suspects arrested in an attempted burglary last week to numerous others in and around the city.

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Home burglary captured on video and posted to YouTube

We received this note this a.m. with a link to the YouTube video above:


For the safety of El Monte neighbors and other area surrounding, I
post a section of this video that I had captured during the invasion
on November 20, 2008 around 10: 35 am.
infor: on this day, two hispanic men broke into the home through the
garage door. They took away properties that valued more than
$10,000. They also tried to take the big TV but they gave up after 2
minutes trying unsuccessful. They are in large and considered

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