With Zavala gone at Wilson, is Arellanes soon-to-be out at Los Altos? …

I’ve heard from a number of sources that Los Altos coach Jim Arellanes will be out soon as head coach at Los Altos. As far back as a month ago, I heard from a very reliable source that both Zavala and Arellanes would be out. Naturally, I didn’t believe it one bit, so despite the person being an excellent source in the past and present, I didn’t post it. But, today I heard the same thing from several other people.

Arellanes is not thought to be in any kind of trouble with the administration for any type of infraction, but the concern is that he might make a move to secure tenure somewhere else. I’m a little fuzzy on the whole teaching/tenure thing and how that works.

Anyway, I called Arellanes this afternoon and asked him about the rumors. He flatly shot them down.

“Absolutely not,” Arellanes said. “I have a sour taste in my mouth (from last season). It wasn’t an easy year by any means. I want to stay because I want to get this turned around.

“I’ve met with my A.D. and principal about what we’re going to do and what approach we’re going to take. I want to get things right here.”

Aram’s take:
It’s always discomforting as a reporter when you hear something so far-fetched that you blow it off only to hear it again from several others a short time later. Last season, Arellanes did deny he was interested in the Los Altos job right up until he took it, but my gut (and that means something) is that he’s staying … but there’s that small part of me …