West Covina no longer mailing out Planning Commission agendas

West Covina sent us a letter that reads:

“Please be informed that in the effort to reduce the cost of postage, printing, paper and staff time, the City of West Covina Planning Department will no longer be mailing agenda and staff reports.”

The reports will still be posted at City Hall, the library and on the Internet, according to a letter dated Nov. 25 signed by Community Development Director Christopher J. Chung.

That’s disappointing to our West Covina reporter, Amanda Baumfeld, because she can’t get the staff report addenda online, which is where all the important details are printed. The addenda were included in the packet mailed to this office. West Covina City Hall is near our office, so it’s not that big of a deal. But it makes it a little tougher to get the news out accurately and quickly.

The City Council last year stopped televising its meetings.