They huffed and they puffed and a new law was created

Disclaimer: Bad joke ahead

Question: How do you defeat the big, bad wolf?
Answer: make huffing illegal

OK, so that was really bad.

But in Azusa, they are trying to clamp down on the practice of huffing (not the big wolf variety, but young kids getting high on aerosol cans).

Here are a couple paragraphs from tomorrow’s story.

Officials are trying to cap the practice of using aerosol cans to get high by passing a law that prevents minors from carrying the cans in Azusa.

The cans are sometimes used to get high by inhaling its noxious fumes, which is often referred to as huffing.

At a summer city beautification project where volunteers walked areas to pick up trash, a large amount of aerosol cans were found in concealed hangouts by Citrus Crossing, a shopping center at Citrus Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.

It was at that time when Councilman Robert Gonzales thought it would be best to take action. Over summer, he presented the option of making a new city law that would make possession of the cans by minors illegal.

“Our goal is not to hammer the kids, but to stop those who are on this path before they get into more serious crimes and drugs,” Gonzales said. “Back when I was a kid they had glue and white out. Kids nowadays are pretty smart and they are finding different ways to get into trouble.”

The city attorney reviewed laws to see if Azusa officials would be within their rights to make possession a misdemeanor offense in Azusa.

At the City Council meeting Tuesday, officials unanimously approved the measure, citing it would be a tool to both police and school officials.