Galaxy-Chivas USA Post-game

Alan Gordon scored two goals and an assist within eight minutes, after coming on as a sub.

Landon Donovan scored the first Galaxy hat trick in four years.

And Wayne Gretzky, Tom Cruise, a rumored Luis Figo and Gawd knows who else put in appearances on a memorable night where the action matched the hype (what hype?).

This was a glorious night for the sport that seemed to catch just about everyone by surprise.

“Gordo did an excellent job when he came in,” Gullit said. “He changed the game.”

Or as Sigi Schmid was fond of saying: goals change games.

Gullit was effusive, too, about the play of rookie defender Sean Franklin in the center of defense.

“He’s made huge progress and that makes me happy,” he said, adding that he needed speed at the position to counter the Chivas USA forward line. Gullit made no mention of Franklin partner Abel Xavier, by the way.

Landon Donovan, one of the few players to stick around and answer questions (as usual), said his pre-game preparations have been key to his on-field performance.

“I’m raising every aspect of my game preparations very, very seriously,” he said. “I feel like I’m being more assertive and more aggressive and I’m reaping the benefits of that.”

And he had encouraging words for Gordon, too.

“He adds a different dimension so we can play more direct at times,” Donovan said. “I’m just happy for Gordo because he works so hard.”

Not surprisingly, Chivas USA players didn’t hang around for the post-game inquest.

No matter.

There are games that are turning points in a season and games that are exclamation points. This was the latter. There were no complaints tonight (at least from the Galaxy).

Check out the game in pictures.

Next for the Galaxy: May 3 at Real Salt Lake.

Next for Chivas USA: May 3 at Houston.

Notable local: John Thorrington (Chadwick School) of the Fire who scored two goals Saturday to lead Chicago to a 2-1 victory over the Colorado Rapids.

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