Home Depot Center Concessions Hard to Digest

Guess we’ll soon find out whether the Galaxy Ambassadors have any clout.

A worthy, if perhaps ultimately futile, effort is here (caution strong language and opinions).

Food, generally, at the HDC from the press box and stadium club to the concessions is virtually indigestible.

Cardboard churros. Servers who regard a food order as a completely alien experience and apparently have never seen a cash register before you order. Few concourse televisions to assuage the paralyzed concession lines.

Makes you pine for the day of King Taco. And why can’t we have some local flavor if we’re drinking over-priced beer?
(It’s the best pub nearest to the HDC and where the Riot Squad meets before games).

Of course, there’s always the ubiquitous bacon-wrapped hot dog outside the stadium anyway.

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