On furcation: No column Tuesday

i-e69724350d8620f5442ee5b8183ae316-jesussoccer.jpgI’m burning up some vacation time with an extended midwinter nap on required furlough, so they’ll be no column Tuesday (or next week for that matter) and blogging over the holidays will be minimal unless events warrant.

The weekend’s EPL action, including Sunday’s big game between Manchester United and Chelsea, was frozen out, but today’s Manchester City-Everton game (noon ESPN2) is on. It’s the last EPL game until Boxing Day (that’s Sunday for those of you who don’t speak Anglophile), so enjoy.

A belated congratulations to the Galaxy’s David Beckham (it’s not often you see his name and the word “personality” in the same sentence). And with that last shot I’m out of here.

No matter how you celebrate, enjoy the holiday season while we await the next MLS season.

And yes, in case you’re wondering you can still score your soccer playing Jesus in time for Christmas (shouldn’t he be wearing a No. 10 jersey?) if you order here today.


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