(VIDEO) Bruce Arena on the 3-2 loss: “We gift-wrapped that game for them”

Opening thoughts: I think Christmas came early in Seattle. We absolutely gift-wrapped that game for them tonight. Our play in front of our goal defensively was atrocious. Just gift-wrapped the three goals for them. Give them credit, they jumped on the mistakes, but we were shockingly poor on those goals. The officiating didn’t help. We have a second goal, we have maybe the best tackle of the night and somehow he calls it a foul and it ends up in the back of the net. That’s our fault. We still need to defend better. We gift-wrapped the game. It’s a game we should have won.

How surprising it is that an experienced group could make those mistakes: Not good. It wasn’t good. Shocking mistakes.

Donovan Ricketts’ game: A lot of mistakes back there, no question about it.

On the offensive performance: We played pretty well. We should have won this game tonight. We literally gift-wrapped the game tonight. If you’re going to give away goals like that, you don’t deserve to win, that’s for sure.

Surprised the season ended so quickly? Yeah, this game was there to win tonight. For us to concede a goal right to start the game, come back to get a goal and give another one, which wasn’t helped by officiating, but we still are at fault there. And the third goal, we can certainly do better there. You’re giving a home team goals, that’s not the way to play on the road. We should have come out in the second half, you knew they would come at us a little bit and get ourselves into the game, and try to find a third goal or get into extra time. But to concede the three goals that we conceded is absolutely poor.

On the second goal, does Stevie need to stay with his man or does Donovan need to claim it: Both, and the referee doesn’t call a foul. Ridiculous call. That wasn’t a foul. It was a clean tackle, all the way. We have to do better, a lot of mistakes.

How disappointing is it that the season ended this soon? Of course it’s disappointing. You think we’re happy about it? But we have no one to look at but ourselves. As I said, I think we gift-wrapped a nice goal for Seattle.

On if there will be changes: Like every year, there’s going to be changes. It’s not any different from one game to the next.

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