Trail guides to state parks online

California State Parks announced today that one of the most asked questions from park visitors all across the state now has a fast answer.  The question is: Where can I go to take a hike and do you have a trail map?   The answer can now be found on the new trail guide now available on the California State Parks web site at


Check it out: Finding an exciting new hiking trail to explore has just become much easier with a few clicks on our web site. Click the above site and then pick a Region. Bingo!! Before you know it the hiking boots are strapped on and you are moving.  


The guide is organized by region so it’s easy to find opportunities near your community or locate a never-before-discovered state park to visit. Over 150 hiking trails are highlighted, most between one and 15 miles long. For instance, 38 trails are portrayed in the North Coast Region, 10 in Los Angeles County and 7 in the High Sierra Region.


The length, elevation gain and trailhead directions are described in detail for each trail. A depiction of the geology, views and ecology you will encounter on the trail as well as interesting tidbits of history are also included. Helpful trail maps provide an illustration of the trail in relation to park roads and other facilities.


See detailed trail descriptions of over 200 hikes featured in the “Day Hiker’s Guide to California State Parks”. (“Day Hiker’s Guide to California State Parks” is published by The Trailmaster, Inc. 2007. Trail descriptions and maps on the web site have been reproduced with the permission of the author.)


Trail descriptions link directly to park information, where a wealth of necessary and interested information on visiting the State Park is readily available.  Current weather, facilities (including campgrounds, museums, restrooms, etc.), park brochures, aerial maps, wheelchair accessible facilities, other park activities and contact information is easily accessed.  


The Take A Hike web site,, offers information about hiking safety, preparation tips and the Governor’s Challenge to Californians to improve their physical fitness through outdoor recreation in California‘s wonderful state parks.

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