Try flying down a hill upside down in New Zealand

Adventure flies down zipline with Ziptrek Ecotour in Queenstown, New Zealand. (Photo courtesy of Ziptrek Ecotour)

Flying down a wooded hillside upside down and backwards can be quite invigorating. I’ve done it once accidentally when I went out of control skiing in the Canadian Rockies.

But this time, I had intentionally decided to try this flying adventure, goaded on by our tour guide and my friends. In fact, such aberrant behavior is encouraged by Ziptrek Ecotours in Queenstown, New Zealand.

And after ziplining around the world from Canada to Chile, with Hawaii and many places in between, I was very impressed with all the safety precautions that Ziptrek takes.

So I felt perfectly safe as I soared down Bob’s Peak upside down. I even waved excitely to my friends as I zipped away.

Visitors to Queenstown can actually walk to this little adventure, which begins with a ride up the Skyline Gondola on the edge of town.

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