Jim Mora: Brett Hundley will be a second-round NFL draft pick

UCLA head coach Jim Mora thinks that Brett Hundley will be a second-round pick in this week’s NFL draft, and also has a few destinations in mind for his former quarterback.

On the Rich Eisen Show, Mora said that Hundley — who started 40 games for the Bruins and set numerous records — could be bound for the Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, or perhaps the St. Louis Rams.

“They all have quarterbacks that are a little bit up there in age, that are not yet ready to turn over the reins to somebody,” Mora said. “I think those would be perfect situations for Brett … Somewhere he can grow up like quarterbacks used to be able grow up.

“You sat behind a good player and you learned the system, you learned the game. And then, when you were handed the keys to the car, you were mentally prepared, you were physically prepared, emotionally prepared. I would love to see that for Brett. I think that would provide him the best avenue for long-term success in the NFL.”