More Carroll On Mays

“One of our other coaches got a chance (to Taylor Mays), but I haven’t talked to him. He might want to wait a couple of days before he talks to me. I love him. I love him to death, and I know how competitive he is, and I don’t blame him for being the way it is. I would probably be surprised if it was anything other than that.”

4 thoughts on “More Carroll On Mays

  1. It’s a business guys…”there’s no room for crying in football.”

    Taylor will be fine in SF and ready to kick some Seattle ass every time they meet. It should be interesting.

    Of the two defensive coaches I think I would take Mike Singletary over Carroll any day.

  2. It does make for interesting motivation. Unless they mend fences, Mays could play against PC the way Wolf writes about him: with a chip clearly on his shoulder.

  3. Tee hee. I only love Wolfie Ulfie and his great big tchoopth and manlineth ath a journalith. Sugarrry Thweeeet and men of Blue. Owoooo Woooo Woooo

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