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On HBO’s Real Sports, host Bryant Gumbel critcized the NCAA for punishing USC over the Reggie Bush affair but not punishing Florida for having 27 players arrested in Urban Meyer’s tenure. Here’s the transcript:

“Finally tonight, a few words about crime and punishment. I’m no legal expert, not by a long shot, but I do believe that driving drunk, robbing a convenience store, and hitting your girlfriend are all worse offenses than dealing with an agent. Most people would agree with that I think except, it seems, the folks in charge of college football.

How else to explain the fact that the USC Trojans are currently on NCAA probation while the Florida Gators are not, even though Florida’s program has seen 27 different players arrested during the short tenure of Coach Urban Meyer. That’s right, by NCAA standards, 27 arrests merit not so much as an official reprimand. But dealing with a prospective agent prematurely, as former Trojan Reggie Bush did, gets your program punished for four years.

It’s not just about USC. NCAA investigations are ongoing at the Universities of Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina for the same kind of premature conversation with agents that Bush had. And it’s not just about Florida. Players at Pittsburgh, Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Southern Mississippi, UCLA and elsewhere have also been arrested this year. But all of those programs are, by NCAA standards, in full compliance.

Look, no one’s nave enough to think football’s ever going to be played by a bunch of choirboys. It’s not. But you’d think that NCAA officials could, at the very least, give coaches and athletic directors a reason to be as diligent about illegality as they are about eligibility – and right now they don’t. Until and unless they do, the NCAA’s idea of institutional control is anything but.”

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  1. what a bunch of oompa loompa dung!! first, the LAW deals with crimes, we don’t need universities policing criminal acts.

    second, who was a bigger cover up artist than Cheatey Petey?? the list of players who were busted by the police and never missed a game (or even a play) is extensive!

    so don’t cry for Southern Cal, Bryant!! stick to your human interest stories, don’t waste time sticking up for crooked programs!


  2. Now now Chuckie… Didn’t i bitch slap you and put you in the closet and tell you to not come out until I tell you? And didn’t I also tell you to stop boring the general public with your repetitive and uninteresting comments?

    Don’t make me call your father. We all know what he considers “punishment”

  3. easy, Ma. don’t start talking crazy or it’s back to the basement…you know the drill.

    and leave dad out of this…you know i haven’t spoken to PC for years.

  4. Bucket-of-Sh** is back. Sometimes I think you might have actually graduated from high school. Then, I come back to reality. Welcome back idiot. I hoped you had left for good.

  5. Fartman — Forget the link. Let’s pull a Wolf and just cut&paste a little of the Seattle Times article.

    “An unprecedented look behind the scenes based largely on documents unavailable at the time reveals a disturbing level of criminal conduct and hooliganism by the players on that team.

    Former coach Rick Neuheisel and athletic director Barbara Hedges accepted most of it, demanding little discipline or accountability from their athletes. And other community institutions, including prosecutors, police, judges and the media, went along.

    Beyond the roses, that was the legacy of the Neuheisel-Hedges era and the ruins Willingham and Turner inherited in 2004.”

    Excerpted from: A Seattle Times Special Report.

    That is what you get with Neuweasel. Feast on it bRUIN fateful.

  6. Here is more from Seattle Times:

    When that Rose Bowl season began on Sept. 2, 2000, against the University of Idaho, the UW’s starters included:

    A safety who, according to police reports, had cut his wife’s face, broken her arm and broken her nose. He had already served time for choking her into unconsciousness. While playing in front of 70,000 fans on Montlake that day, he was wanted on an outstanding warrant.

    A linebacker under investigation for robbing and shooting a drug dealer. He had left behind a fingerprint stained with his blood. By the season opener, police knew the print was his but they didn’t charge him until the season was over.

    A tight end under investigation on suspicion of rape.

    At least a dozen members of the Rose Bowl team were arrested that year or charged with a crime that carried possible jail time. At least a dozen others on that team got in trouble with the law in other seasons.

  7. Nuggs: i’m not here to talk about the past…i want to talk about the future. and anyway, this is a Southern Cal blog, i come here for Southern Cal news, not to talk about UCLA (even though we have won 106 Natl Titles and are worthy of much praise)

  8. FU Bucket-of-Sh**. Here is the last excerpt from Seattle Times.

    “At least a dozen members of the Rose Bowl team were arrested that year or charged with a crime that carried possible jail time. At least a dozen others on that team got in trouble with the law in other seasons.

    On the occasions that Neuheisel did take disciplinary action, his message was muddled.

    When a star player made headlines for crashing his pickup into a retirement home and fleeing, Neuheisel suspended him for half a game. When another player was late to a team meeting, the coach suspended him for a full game. Then, after the game, Neuheisel said: “We decided we’d put him in if it was necessary. We decided it wasn’t necessary.”

    …Neuheisel declined to comment for this story. Hedges did not return phone calls.

    …Less than three weeks later, UCLA hired Neuheisel to be its head coach. UCLA’s athletic director, Dan Guerrero, said the school was concerned about Neuheisel’s history of NCAA violations but figured that was in his past. More relevant was Neuheisel’s 66-30 record.

    “In the end,” Guerrero said, “it was all about 66 collegiate wins.”

    Nice school.

  9. @CBuck

    You don’t want to talk about the past? Then, why did you even bring up the topic of Pete Carroll? Is he still the coach at SC? Make up your mind.

    The problem with your idiotic posts is that your hypocrisy destroys your credibility. You don’t get to call out SC players when they get arrested after you revealed that you yourself had been arrested for robbery. You also don’t get to call Pete Carroll a cheat when Neuheisel ran one of the dirtiest programs ever at UW. Nobody cares if you hate SC, but don’t come into this blog with a holier-than-thou attitude. It doesn’t fly when you’re a hypocrite.

    PS. I got the Mark McGwire reference, but you’re hardly qualified to use it.

  10. The reason is simple. The NCAA is threatened by its slaves (i.e. “Student” Athletes) finding out exactly how much they are really worth in the open market. Florida having a bunch of Thugs isn’t a monetary concern at all, as long as they have another elite SEC team (Alabama) able to fill the National TV void. Does anyone really think this is about fair and competitive intercollegiate athletics? It is about $$$$.

  11. WOW, Gumbel finally had a clear thought, is he OK ?

    I can remember when Bryant was the color analyst for the L.A. city high school game of the week on channel 4. Who was the play by play announcer? Ross Porter.

  12. FreeThinker, you old skeezicks, the key point here is that, no matter what Neuheisel did or didn’t get away with at former jobs, in Los Angeles the Troxans already own the police, and UCLA cannot buy the police away from the Troxans until the Bruins get back into BCS bowls again.

    So USC players can still play after committing crimes, but the Bruins have got to stay on the right side of the law. And since the police won’t keep the Troxans in line, the NCAA has to step in.

    That was Gumbel’s point — that a school should be policed either by the NCAA or the actual police, but when a school owns both the NCAA AND the police, as Florida does, that’s a big problem.

  13. Look, did USC run a loose ship. Absolutely, like every other school in the country. Every school with GOOD players have had agents running around. Now when these other schools have stuff come out, they won’t be penalized as bad since they will cooporate quicker. I don’t know how SC could have done anything else since Reggie didn’t, and still doesn’t, cooporate.

  14. Weee, I love an SC/UCLA criminal discussion. Remember when Sanchez was accused of rape? Remember Ray’s cheap shot? How about Baxter and his weed? The list goes on and on. This is all a nice story by Gumble, but the NCAA’s no in charge of student discipline. They are in charge of all the things member institutions agreed to, including the amateur status of its student-athletes. What’s so hard to understand?

  15. @Spedjones:
    Is this a UCLA blog? Ohhhhhh right, UCLA is 1-2
    USC is 3-0
    That’s why you’re here.

    Fight on!

  16. Mr. Gumble, I applaud you. It is funny how even the most hard ass journalist are starting to realize that the NCAA punishment on Troy is nothing more than a vendetta witch hunt. Indeed UCLA and UF are mighty hypocrites. The entire industry as well.

    Try try try as they might, SC is too powerful and too resilient to be taken down by this ill led witch hunt. We placin a big chip on our shoulder and we are out for blood. Rambo style bitc@

  17. What a jackass moron Gumbel is, YES arrests are embarrassing to the school and to the team, but if you were to punish schools for having too many arrests, USC’s football program would have been sanctioned years ago. What a turd Gumbel is.

  18. NEWS FLASH!!! Rick Neuheisel is now the coaching UCLA not Washington and Colorado. When Rick Neuheisel screws up at UCLA by creating a haven for thugs as PC did at USC then you ass wipes can come back and crucify RN all you want, he will deserve it. Until then TASTE IT!!

    Go Bruins!! beat the Longhorns!! (since USC couldn’t do it)

  19. BruinRob,the Bruins will beat the Longhorns when your mom stops giving IT away for free.(That means never)

    It’s about damn time someone said. Thank you Mr. Gumble for having the balls to say what ESPN won’t report.

  20. are you suggesting your mom charges for IT, It’sSC? That’s not surprising coming from a trogan.

  21. No trick maybe I was referring to your momma.

    Feels good coming to a SC site don’t it.

  22. @SCFtR, you moron why would Florida be placed on probation for having players arrested?? In that case USC would not have a football program today, you idiot.

  23. @NDLarry: How many USC players have been arrested recently? Certainly nothing remotely close to Florida. I mean, 30 players in just 5 or 6 short years?!
    SC isn’t in the same breath as that.
    You must still be delirious from that fake field goal that embarrassed your pansy Irish losers.
    FIGHT ON! Notre Dame still sucks.

  24. Memo to the Cadre of Trolls:

    Didn’t like thos posts did ya. The hard-hitting stuff from Seattle Times is true and it goes on and on and on. Neuweasel is a loser and so are you all. UCLA will have Texas right where it wants it: in the win big column.

  25. Freeeee_thinker: odd you should put so much stock in a story that only illustrates how corrupt Barbara Hedges was…and where, pray do tell, did the salty old broad learn her slick tricks of the trade?? Southern Cal, that’s where!!!

    poor lil’ Ricky NeuHassle was a mere innocent babe in the woods before that wicked witch of an AD sunk her fangs into him and taught him her evil ways!!!

    is anything, this story shows Southern Cal’s long tendrils of corruption have twisted their way into some other unlucky Pac-10 schools!!

    remember, Lil’ Ricky won $4Mil in his lawsuit against the wicked witch Hedges!!! angel vs devil, and the angel won!!!!

  26. Typical Neuweasel excuse: it was -INSERT NAME-‘s fault.

    Neuweasel’s legal win was about the gambling. Small potatoes compared to the UW football program. The Times story focused on his duplicity with respect to the cesspool atmosphere that he left at UW.

    Good newspapers reporters –unlike the follicly-challenged, fact-fumbling, hyperbolicly hubristic Wolf– don’t make stuff up. The scribes at the Times wrote a litany and much of it points to Neuweasel.

    Taste it.

  27. Freestinker, what’s your obsession with Rick Neuheisel you jackass. We Bruin Nation don’t give a flying crap about what he did at UC or UW we only care about what he does here and he’s had 4 players dismissed from his program for making mistakes that embarrassed the the university and the football program.

    Zero tolerance at UCLA…you can scream, shout, pout all you want, Bruin Nation loves Neuheisel, he’s our man and he has brought our program to respectability, even if he’s not winning like we know he will, he is getting recruits to commit to UCLA that would normally commit to USC. So taste IT!! :p (_*_)

    Oh, I forgot, UCLA will do something that USC wasn’t able to do, UCLA will beat Texas on Saturday and I can already hear it from all these haters “Texas was overated”

  28. Hey everyone, it’s RuinedSlob, the uneducated Cerritos poser, masquerading as a college alum and UCLA flack.

    Slobby baby, Texas is overrated. No argument there. (They might be “overated” too if they eat to much after the game.)

    The RuinedNation will be weeping as UCLA is in for an Texas ass-kicking.

    So go back to JC and learn some gooder English pal…and get a crying towel while you’re at it loser.

  29. Taste it? Ooh that’s intellect. That is your erudite response? Such genius deserves an outlet Slobby.

    Maybe you can stop by the hardware store, pick up some spray paint and tag a few walls on the way home ese!

    Before I forget, I was thinking that you got a funny looking face hombre. It looks just like a butt.

  30. Obviously you’ve never seen my face, if you did you would feel like a fool, I appeared in calendars about 20 years ago, and it wasn’t because I’m ugly, as a matter of fact, I get chicks 20 years younger than me ALL the time. 😉 😉 (_!_) taste it!! LMAO

  31. Oh, are you the June poodle or the Shit-zoo (sic) on the August page. By the way genius, you probably don’t want to admit any of your activities involving 11-year-olds, the cops monitor the site. Keep laughing, the joke is on you.

  32. “Obviously you’ve never seen my face, if you did you would feel like a fool”

    I don’t know who the heck you are. But if you happen to be that obese, middle-aged, and balding latino guy that ran the “robert #1 bruin fan” myspace page (that has since been deleted), then your claims of being good looking and hooking up with girls 20 years younger than you are complete BS. That guy on myspace was one fugly mofo.

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