Ed Orgeron Helicopters To Norco-Corona Centennial Game

USC coach Ed Orgeron reportedly took a helicopter to the Norco-Corona Centennial game tonight to avoid traffic. I’m sure some big donor is thrilled to pay for the trip too now that Orgeron is in charge.

6 thoughts on “Ed Orgeron Helicopters To Norco-Corona Centennial Game

    • It was nice of HEY SUCLA to tie the ‘copter off when Coach O landed. So glad that SUCLA found a better vocation in his IE homestead. Sad I had to fire him last week but glad he found another Trojan to work for. Got CLAP bRuins?

  1. I would say that he’s doing it to avoid running into to you SW but that would be giving you way too much credit. GOOOOLLLL!!!!

  2. The Press Enterprise credited Coach O-mg!! for lifting the Centennial running back to a great game. I live in I E and I haven’t heard of the kid, but he put on a show last night.

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