23 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Acknowledges Comparison To His Own Firing

  1. Yeah it’s over on &ahoo –

    /…..While Trump was publicly announcing the change, Priebus was in a vehicle
    on the tarmac. The scene led to many jokes about Kiffin, who was
    famously notified of his firing at an airport immediately upon USC’s
    return to California following the Trojans’ loss to Arizona State in

      • Grammy, you get a thumbs up for the stupidest comparison on this site, this year and believe me, that takes some doing.
        Comparing The Coach to a son-of-a-rum runner.
        It’s very, very hard to take that crown from Alvarado, especially his post-happy hour ramblings

      • The cadre is horizontally aligned. Like matter, the cadre can never be re-created nor destroyed.

        Donny Trump: “The cadre is a snake with a thousand heads. We cannot stop it, as when local leaders are detained or go undercover, new ones replace them.”

    • Priebus is a nice guy like Paul Ryan and that’s why it’s one down one to go

  2. ???? What’s worst to get fired on a plane or before a National Championship game???

  3. Preibus resigned and knew about it yesterday. Nothing like Kiffen. At least Preibus has a little class.

  4. you broke the story Scotty!! i remember when some idiots on this very blog had the temerity to QUESTION your journalistic chops!!!


      • i’m new here. because i was trained by the top Cadre Masters, many have mistook me for the great charlie Bucket, but many of our Cadre Disciples have been mistaken for Bucket in the past.


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