St. Paul Coaching Update

I know there are a few of you dying for some St. Paul info. Thankfully, coach Marijon Ancich obliged and announced his coaching staff.

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This was a hot-button issue earlier in the year when coaches were coming and going and it wasn’t sure whom would be on the Swordsmen 2010 staff.

Here’s the 2009 list                                                            Here’s 2010:
Rick Avina Jr. (DBs)                                          Visko Ancich (OC/QB/WR)
Rick Avina Sr. (WRs)                                         Rick Avina Jr. (DBs)
Ben Baca III (OL)                                               Lou Cabral (Offense & Special Teams)
Lou Cabral (RBs, WRs, Special Teams)             Oliver Cepeida (WRs)
Greg Governale (TE)                                         Rich Estrella (DL)
Cliff Heidrich (general help)                                Mike Jones (OL)
Casey Morales (OL)                                           Frank Quattrocci (TE/Tackles)
Jeff Reyes (DL)                                                  Anthony Wilson (LBs/Defense)
Chuck Willig (DC/LBs)
Greg Willig (QBs)

My commentary: Ancich spoke to the paper Friday and said there was some initial hesitancy to discus his staff early in the year because of his coach’s roles. While the coaching staff hasn’t changed much since January, each coach has a more-or-less defined role now, even though he said not every role position was set in stone.

I also had the fortune to speak with a few Swordsmen on Friday and came away impressed with our conversation. St. Paul has always had this institutional confidence (some say arrogance) about its football program that trickles down from administrators to teachers, coaches, fans and players.

The young men, however, weren’t arrogant at all. They understand the challenges of the new Del Rey League and know they’re in for a battle this year. They also know this season presents a rare chance for a couple of local teams (La Mirada and Schurr) to assert their own area dominance at the expense of St. Paul.

There’s also mounting pressure on this team due to back-to-back seasons without a playoff appearance. Yet, none of those details seemed to bother those players. Everyone seems focused with summer preparations.

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