Cal League still in limbo

There was an interesting article recently in Baseball America about the proposed shift from the California League to the Carolina League, most likely the Bakersfield Blaze and High Desert Mavericks. A lot was written about the situation last year, then when push came to shove, it didn’t happen. And now it seems like it’s a long way from happening for next year.

Here’s the link to the story:

According to the story, economy seems to be a factor. It’s being blamed for everything else, why not this?

Anyway, here’s my take. The economy will need to improve enough so that one of the following three things happens first: 1) Bakersfield or Adelanto can make needed stadium upgrades or new stadiums, 2) A market opens up somewhere in California or 3) There are buyers able to purchase the franchises and move them to the Carolina League.

It’s possible that one of these 3 things needs only to happen to one of the teams. If the ballpark situation improves for one to remain in the Cal League (at its current place or somewhere else), then the other will stay, because it will take 2 for a shift. But if one buyer can be found to go to the Carolina League, the other will surely follow, because as new Quakes (and current Mavericks owner) Bobby Brett said, “If we had Richmond (Virginia), we could have piecemealed one market. But piecemealing two (markets) was more of a challenge.”

Both franchises have already been in limbo since last summer. How much longer will everyone be tortured?