Bassett Unified holds meeting regarding cuts

Assemblymember Ed Hernandez (D-57th District) fielded questions during a “Town Hall” meeting at Edgewood
Academy in La Puente on Saturday, March 15.


The meeting was set up by the Bassett Unified School District to get input from parents, teachers and community members on the pending state budget cuts to education.

The proposed cuts may result in as much as $1.9 million in cuts to schools in Bassett’s budget next year.
“We are probably in the most difficult budget crisis in the history of the state of California right now,” Hernandez said.
“And the governor wants to balance the budget on the backs of our children and our educational system.  The money that we need to pay for all the services is not there.”
Hernandez said an increase in revenue is needed to solve the problem.
“There is a message that you have to send to the legislature – do not cut our budget – we need to increase revenue,” he said. 
  • Anonymous

    Does he then tell the people, “By Increasing Revenue, I mean raise taxes!”

  • Y B Anonymous?

    Yes Anonymous – By closing the YATCH tax loophole and other “rich people” loopholes that republicans don’t want to close. If you call that a tax increase then YES! If you call placing a tax on the oil companies by cutting into their 10’s of billion dollar PROFITS then YES it’s a TAX, which REPUBLICANS don’t want to do. If you call slashing education by BILLIONS and wanting to tax people who are running away like criminals then YES it’s a tax. We support you Assemblyman Hernandez and other your Democratic friends!