Hollingworth Elementary accepts now excuses in Rowland Unified

While elementary students are busy focusing on history, math, English and
other core subjects as well as hobbies and friends, should they also be worrying
about college?

Michael Hoon, principal of Hollingworth Elementary School in West Covina,
thinks so.

In fact, he thinks the focus on college should start as young as kindergarten
in the Rowland Unified school..

“A lot of times kids aren’t getting the message saying they can do it,” said
Hoon, 43. “They may not have had parents who went to college. We need to do that
here at school. We need to give them the vision that someday they can attend
college. We prepare them for that opportunity.”

That’s why Hollingworth Elementary has been a “No Excuses University” for the
past three years.

Each class at the school “adopts” a different university, which begins to
familiarize them with the idea of college.

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