Rowland Unified releases survey results about the district

By Rowland Unified
The Rowland Unified School District released the results of a recent survey that asked teachers, parents and residents to share their thoughts on district topics such as educational programs, career pathways and community relations.

The full report can be found on the “Your Voice” section of the District website as well as school websites. The results were discussed at the school board meeting last night.

Designed by the independent firm K12 Insight, the survey will give the district important baseline data it can use to make improvements.

“We are committed to our continuous improvement efforts,” said Superintendent Ruben Frutos. “Hearing from our stakeholders ensures that our programs and services are effectively meeting student needs and allows us to fulfill our vision for success.”

The surveys were taken from Jan. 8-31 and 916 people responded. Overall, the district reported positive feedback.

Specifically, the survey found that nearly six out of 10 respondents feel the district is doing an excellent or good job of fulfilling its mission.

District officials said nearly seven out of 10 participants say the district is doing an excellent or good job of educating students.

Survey findings also indicate that 75 percent of participants think their local school is doing an excellent or good job of educating students. Additional results show that approximately seven out of 10 respondents are aware of the district’s International Baccalaureate Program.

The survey found that 83 percent of respondents feel welcome to participate in meetings or other activities at their local school. The district added that 57 percent understand that the district made difficult decisions in order to remain solvent.

“This survey helps ensure that we have a system defined by rigorous academics, the innovative use of technology, creative exploration and nurturing learning experiences,” Frutos said. “Together, we will create an optimal learning environment that enables all of our students to succeed in their chosen careers.”