Camby sticks up for Gordon

I meant to publish this the other day, but with all the stuff going on contract wise I held it for a lighter news day.


After the Pistons game on Sunday, I had a chat with Marcus Camby about rookie shooting guard Eric Gordon, who scored a then-career high 31 points against the Pistons, but took quite a pounding in doing it.

Camby, without much prompting really, thought a bunch more fouls should’ve been called on those plays, and took it upon himself to stick up for the quickly-budding rookie.

“I think Eric gets fouled a lot when he goes to the hole. I think the referees see how they see how big and aggressive he is, so he doesn’t get the benefit of the whistle.

“Yeah it’s a rookie thing. They may say it doesn’t exist, but it exists. Hopefully as we go on through the season, he can start getting that respect and have it carry over year after year, because I know he’s going to be in the league a long time.”

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