Baron Davis

Davis may not go on the four-game road now because of a cyst behind his knee.

He missed his second consecutive game Wednesday in the Clippers first win of the season because of the injury and he most likely won’t be with the team on the road trip that starts tomorrow. The trip includes games at Denver, at Utah, at New Orleans and at San Antonio before the Clippers come home to play Detroit on the 12th.

Eric Bledsoe has started in Davis’s place in the last two games, scoring nine against San Antonio and contributing 17 points and eight assists in the win against Oklahoma City.

“We’re kind of just throwing him in there so I want to make sure I keep his confidence up, his aggressiveness up, so he can work through the mistakes as he goes through them,” Del Negro said of Bledsoe.

“It’s a growth period for him. It’s kind of a difficult situation for him a little bit, but it’s also a great situation and he’s handling it well. I expect him to play hard and get us into our sets when we need to, but obviously we’re not as versatile with what we could do in having a lot of young guys out there.”

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  • Blue Bruin

    Wow, I didn’t even know there was an Inside Clippers blog. Who knew! The Clips should just cut Davis and go forward with Gordon and Bledsoe. Davis is just fat and out of shape, and there’s no way he can make it through a season injury-free.