Magic Johnson responds to Donald Sterling in CNN interview

Magic Johnson responded to Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s accusations in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, which will air tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

Sterling had questioned Johnson’s contributions to the African American community, and said that the NBA Hall of Famer’s HIV-status makes him a poor role model for children.

“My whole life is devoted to urban America,” Johnson said in an excerpt of the interview released by CNN. “So, you know I just wish he knew the facts when he’s talking. But he’s a man who’s upset and he’s reaching. He’s reaching. He’s trying to find something that he can grab on to help him save his team. And it’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen. The board of governors now have to do their job. Adam Silver, our Commissioner of the NBA, did a wonderful job of banning him for life.

“Now the Board of Governors have got to do their job. And again, I’m going to pray for the man because even if I see him today, I’m going to say hello to Donald and his wife as well. I’m not a guy who holds grudges and all that. Yes, am I upset? Of course! But at the same time, I’m a God fearing man and I’m going to pray for him and hope things work out for him.”

Johnson tweeted yesterday that he will not comment any further on Sterling after this week.

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