Doc Rivers applauds another fine game by DeAndre Jordan in win over Bulls

DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan/Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers,


Every time you turn around, DeAndre Jordan is having another fine game. The 6-foot-11 post who again was not selected to the Western Conference All-Star team, on Sunday scored only nine points but he pulled down a whopping 26 rebounds, blocked two shots and made two steals in the Clippers’ 96-86 victory over the Chicago Bulls at United Center in Chicago.

Not only that, Jordan played solid defense on Chicago’s Pau Gasol, who was reportedly sick and made just 2 of 13 from the field for four points; he averages 18.4 points. Gasol did have 15 rebounds and four assists, so he apparently wasn’t too sick to rebound and pass well.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers applauded yet another in a long line of games Jordan has dominated with his rebounding and defense. Jordan averaged 17.2 rebounds in the month of February and had five games with at least 20 rebounds with a high of 27 on on Feb. 9 in a win at Dallas.

“Our defense was good all day,” Rivers said. “DJ was great.  When you have a big who can guard another big one on one and you don’t have to double team, it takes other things they can do away because there is no double team.  DJ was huge on Gasol all day.”

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau gave credit to Jordan, but not without telling everyone how under the weather Gasol was during the game.

“I want to give Pau a lot of credit,” Thibodeau said. “Pau is sick, very sick. He knows we are shorthanded and he got out there and gave us everything he had. DeAndre Jordan has had an unbelievable year and an incredible run, particularly with Blake Griffin being out for them. He is playing at an unbelievable high level. When you look at their team and scoring margin, it tells you how good they are.”

Blake Griffin (elbow) missed his ninth consecutive game, but the Clippers (39-21) have won six of them. Five of them have come against playoff-bound teams.

This game was tied 69-69 after three quarters.

Chicago is now 37-23 and in third place in the Eastern Conference standings.

The Clippers began the day in sixth in the Western Conference, but leapfrogged Dallas into fifth place, a half-game ahead of the now-sixth Mavericks and a game behind fourth-place Portland (39-19).

Chris Paul led the Clippers in scoring with 28 points; he also had 12 assists. Jamal Crawford scored 16 and Spencer Hawes had 14 points and nine rebounds. J.J. Redick had 12 points and eight rebounds.

The Bulls were without point guard Derrick Rose (knee) and power forward Taj Gibson (ankle).

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Doc Rivers: DeAndre Jordan was ‘a one-man wrecking crew’


The Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan #6 is fouled by the Suns’ Markieff Morris #11 during their game at the Staples Center Saturday, November 15, 2014.  (Photo by Hans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News)

DeAndre Jordan is fouled by the Suns’ Markieff Morris on Saturday night/Staff photo by Hans Gutknecht


Coach Doc Rivers late Saturday night gave DeAndre Jordan the ultimate compliment when he referred to him as the “star of the game.” Jordan had 12 points, 18 rebounds and seven blocks in a 120-107 victory over the Phoenix Suns at Staples Center. He helped the Clippers hold the Suns to a 38.4 shooting percentage for the game.

“He was everywhere,” Rivers said. “His energy tonight was amazing. He was a one-man wrecking crew. It felt like he had 30 blocked shots. Even the shots that he didn’t block, he changed.”

The Clippers (5-3) host the Chicago Bulls (7-3) on Monday at 7:30 p.m. (on Prime Ticket).

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Doc Rivers still OK with Las Vegas, Blake Griffin situation notwithstanding


Clippers sign Doc Rivers to contract extension

Doc Rivers, left, and owner Steve Ballmer/Staff photo by David Crane


Coach Doc Rivers on Thursday was queried as to whether he might re-think having his team play in Las Vegas again in the preseason on the heels of Blake Griffin being charged with misdemeanor battery on a man at Tao Nightclub inside the Venetian in Las Vegas. The alleged incident took play on Oct. 19, hours after the Clippers played Denver in an exhibition game at Mandalay Bay on Oct. 18.

Rivers politely scoffed.

“There are situations in life, I’m sure you guys have some,” he told reporters ahead of practice in Playa Vista. “We just don’t get to read about them; I wish we could. But, really, things happen. I don’t think anyone – I know on this team – intends for them to happen. But a lot of our guys are young and they learn and you look at it as a positive thing, where we all learn from it as a group. … But, no, I think the game we play there is a very good game for our organization and we have a great relationship with Mandalay Bay, so we’re not going to stop going there.”

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Doc Rivers: Give Steve Kerr some credit, but don’t give it all to him


Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr/Photo by Associated Press


One reporter asked Clippers coach Doc Rivers following his team’s 121-104 butt-kicking-loss at the hands of Golden State on Wednesday night in Oakland if first-year Warriors coach Steve Kerr has changed that team. Rivers doled out kudos to Kerr, but to others as well.

“I think that he’s changed them, but I think that after losing last year, they’re coming with anger,” Rivers said, alluding to the hotly contested first-round playoff series between the teams this past season won by the Clippers in seven games. “So you’ve got to give Steve some credit, but I don’t want to take credit away from Mark (Jackson) or anyone else. They came here to kick our butts. (Warriors forward) David Lee looked like he worked out for a month just to get back to this game.”

Until this season, Jackson had coached the Warriors the three previous campaigns.


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Doc Rivers: Players blew smoke up each others’ …


Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin/Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers,


Blake Griffin scored just 14 points and pulled down one lousy rebound Wednesday night in the Clippers’ 121-104 loss at Golden State; the Clippers trailed by as many as 29 points in the third quarter. Doc Rivers addressed reporters after he spent a good half an hour in the locker room.

He was asked what he said to his players, and this was his response.

“I didn’t say much,” Rivers said. “I just let them blow smoke up each others’ asses. That’s all they did, in my opinion. But I let them just talk it out. But listen, I just think if you’re going to talk, you’ve gotta be real. I’m not a big fan of group meetings. Unless they’re real group meetings.”

Perhaps, Rivers is right, based on what Griffin told reporters a few minutes later in the locker room.

“We talked about some things and everybody said positive things,” Griffin said. “We knew Doc was going to be emotional and we were all emotional. We were passionate about what we were saying and some good is going to come from it.”



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Doc Rivers about as upset as he can be with his players after rout

How mad was the normally good-natured Doc Rivers after his team was spanked 121-104 by the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night at Oracle Arena in Oakland?

First, it took him half an hour to emerge from the clubhouse instead of about 10 minutes. Then, as he talked about a game in which his team trailed by as many as 29 points in the third quarter, he seemed to get more and more steamed as he went through the process of pointing out every which way his team was beaten. Then, he got to the absurd notion that his team committed one measly foul in the first half, after which they trailed 65-42.

“I’ve never been in a game where a team scores 65 points and we have one foul,” Rivers said. “That, to the core, bothers me to no end. I mean, I have never seen that before. And I think the foul was late and it was a mistake; it probably wasn’t a foul. So for me, I’m doing something wrong because that’s as soft as you can probably get in a game. One foul at halftime? Are you (expletive) kidding me? I mean, that’s as bad as I’ve seen.”

Rivers rarely curses, so that in itself was an indicator of how upset he was with his players.

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Chris Paul has fourth most triple-doubles in NBA since 2005-06


Chris Paul

Chris Paul/Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers,


The triple-double point guard Chris Paul achieved in the Clippers’ 107-101 victory over the Utah Jazz on Monday night at Staples Center was Paul’s first as a member of the Clippers, and 12th of his fine career. Paul is in his 10th season, fourth with the Clippers.

Moreover, Paul’s 12 triple-doubles are the fourth most in the NBA since Paul’s rookie season in 2005-06.

Coach Doc Rivers is impressed.

“He has the greatest hands that I’ve ever seen around the ball,” Rivers said. “It’s just amazing what he can do.”

Paul had 13 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds against Utah. He also had two steals and a block for good measure, and had just two turnovers in 36 minutes.


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Doc Rivers refers to Jamal Crawford as ‘a professional scorer’


Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford/Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers


Jamal Crawford is not a professional  hit-man, but his cold-blooded 3-point baskets often kill the other team. Thus, this anecdote from coach Doc Rivers following his team’s 118-111 victory over the Lakers on Friday night at Staples Center:

He’s just a professional scorer, he really is,” Rivers said of Crawford. “I don’t think there’s a coach in the world teaching those shots, at least this coach will never tell him not to take them.”

Crawford scored 22 points. He hit a 32-foot 3-pointer with 0.6 seconds left in the third quarter to stop the Lakers’ momentum and cut a seven-point Clippers deficit to just four entering the fourth. Then, with 1:38 left in the game and the score tied 109-109, he made a 28-foot 3-pointer and the Lakers never recovered.

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Doc Rivers doles out high praise for career had by Steve Nash


Steve Nash

Steve Nash/Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Lakers


Like so many, Clippers coach Doc Rivers had some interesting thoughts upon hearing that Lakers point guard Steve Nash is out for the season, at 40 years of age likely ending Nash’s brilliant career.

“I mean, he’s one of the best,” Rivers said Friday night before his team lost to Portland at Staples Center. “He reminds me a lot of Isaiah (Thomas) and (John) Stockton, you know, the smaller point guards that had big hearts and did a lot of stuff. Back-to-back MVP (in 2004-05 and 2005-06) at his size is just amazing.

“So … and I think he did a lot of things for the game. I think the great ones, to me, they make the game different. And I think Nash did that, with his movement, being an aggressive scorer but also a facillitator, finishing under the rim. He just made the game different and then when you watch people come behind him and they start trying to do that, or play like him. That means he was special. He was a special player for us all to watch.”
Rivers then played the combination funny/sarcastic card.
“It’s really sad. I guess, you know, he’s 40 years old. What the hell does he expect?” Rivers said, kiddingly, drawing laughter from reporters. “You know, I looked at it that way, too. But he’s had a great career, obviously, a first-ballot Hall of Fame career. So that’s how we should look at it.”

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Clippers to participate in charity event in South Central L.A.

The Los Angeles Clippers Foundation will partner with Feed the Children to distribute boxes of food, personal care items, school uniforms and shoes to 1,600 families on Saturday at Salvation Army Siemon Family Youth & Community Center in South Central Los Angeles.

Clippers players and coach Doc Rivers will begin food distribution at 11 a.m. Members of the U.S. Army as well as Clippers season-ticket holders will participate as well.

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