Veggie Bites – Vegetarian selections in the IE

I often find that being a vegetarian is becoming less and less difficult each year due to the choices offered in area eateries. Although there are not a large variety of exclusive veggie stops in the in the 909, there is often that one thing I can have wherever I may stop. A list of menu items that are vegetarian from various restaurants that aren’t. Hopefully there is usually at least one thing we can eat when going out to lunch with friends.

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MUSHROOM-SWISS Burger — Black bean burger substituted upon request.
Menu item. We add fresh sauted mushrooms, aged Swiss cheese, mayo,
shredded lettuce, tomato & pickle. Sans cheese and mayo. Vegan style
still delish and way less calories.


So far Nada. Can’t find anything on their menu, but I know I go there
had have something sometimes. It could be an off menu veggie burger,
Gardenburger, I think. Will work on that… OK, I remember the last thing
I had there was a Asian chicken wrap w/o chicken, I enjoyed it with the
carrots, etc., and it was a little messy, but yum. The Strawberry salad
comes highly recommended as well.


A delish Vegetable Soup in a Sourdough Bread Bowl. One of my faves.
Many of their soups are seasonal so be prepared to be a little
flexible. If broccoli cheese or potato cheese are your thing. I TRY,
but not always successfully, to avoid all animal products. But when it
comes to eating out it is practically impossible.


Yes, the fast food chain. I have checked out all of their
“vegetarian” menu items. Most Baker’s only have a Boca Burger, with a whole wheat bun, and I
tried the Veggie wrap, OK as burritos go. Cheap. Gonna have to go to Loma
Linda’s Baker’s for the real deal. Its a veggie city. There they have
more selection, including veggie taco meat in their soft, hard and
burger style tacos. Their website lists locations with the extended
veggie menu.

Burger King

Not the biggest fast-food person in the world but this chain is to be
commended for having their BK Veggie Burger on their menu for the last
6 years, when no one else would.


Let’s get this over with… The BEST by far veggie burrito in So Cal,
let alone the IE, is Chipotle! Their grilled veggie burrito with
cilantro-lime rice, fajita vegetables, black beans, corn, salsa and
guacamole is muy delicioso, without hesitation, hands down, the best.
Did I make myself clear?

Sub shops are always easy on the vegetarian. Mix and match, order what you like… but…


The Togos #14 is my favorite pick for any sandwich shop. The 14 is the
hummus sandwich and no one else makes them, at least as a chain. And
like veggie burgers, I never tire of it.


I would NEVER go to one until I discovered the ONE in Loma Linda has, of course, a veggie dog! Surprise! With sauerkraut.

Hot Dog On A Stick

Just to throw in the veggie dogs, here they have the veggie corn dog. So far the ones I have visited have them.

Gourmet Pizza Shoppe

Redlands and Yucaipa locations with quite the interesting variety of
pizzas. Things you have never considered as toppings are a specialty
here. With dozens of pizzas to pick from you can’t go wrong. See for
your self and download their 4.6MB pdf menu from their site here.

GRECIAN Pizza sauce, Chicken, Mushroom, Artichoke heart, Zucchini, Tomato, Red onion,
Garlic, Mozzarella cheese, Seasoning without the Chicken is a good pick.

See the Sun’s photo gallery here

Dessert Pizzas at the Gourmet Pizza Shoppe

The Cool Cactus Cafe

This Loma Linda stop at Redlands Boulevard and Anderson has made to order
tacos, burritos and enchiladas filled with spinach and mushrooms.

Amata Asian Restaurant

In San Bernardino at University Boulevard and Kendall Avenue (In the back, sit
down, not the fast food place) This is one of my favorite stops because
anything you order on the menu is made to order with tofu. Great
variety. The Pad Thai and Yellow Curry dishes with the tofu are great.

Red Brick Pizza

A Chopped Greek Salad is my favorite here. Red Brick is on University Ave. in San Bernardino. Ingredients include: chopped romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, red onions, feta cheese, croutons, ham, Greek dressing. The salads are hand made fresh to order, so just have them leave off the ham.

El Torito

I often like to visit the El Torito for their lunch buffet. I can pick over the veggie selection with mix and match precision.  Their vegetables over rice and macaroon cookies. I enjoy their tortilla soup when there is no chicken in it, it happens, but I was very happy when they recently had a hot roasted tomato soup. It was one of the best things I have had there especially spooned over the vegi and rice.

Happy Family Vegetarian Cuisine

Like a kid in a candy store. It is a rare treat when I can walk into a restaurant and order ANYTHING and not think about what is in it. Sun Videographer and I tried a couple family-style dishes. He said his grandpa is VERY picky as a vegetarian and likes this place so there you have it.  We tried the Wheat Gluten Kung Pao Chicken and Crispy Soy Chicken Nuggets with Basil. Wow. I can not wait to make it here for luch again and try new dishes. And it is on Waterman Ave. in Berdoo to boot. (2150 S. Waterman Ave. to be exact.)

Qdoba Mexican Grill

This is a grilled vegetable burrito not to be kicked to the curb. It is better, by my standards, than all burritos out there… except… drum roll… ofcourse, Chipotle! Now this is not a McDonalds (Chipotle) vs Jack in the Box (Qdoba) thing. If the burrito scale from 1 to 10 went to Chipotle as a 10, I would hold Qdoba’s burrito at a 8.5 for the details only. The said details are the type of vegetables that are grilled, the hot sauce and rice. But not to be kicked aside, still a great veggie choice anytime.

The Eating Room

I have not had the opportunity to sample many things on the menu yet but Martha Green’s restaurant in Redlands has a Portabella Mushroom with a Roasted Red Pepper served on a hoagie and a Veggie Wrap with: sprouts, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, jack cheese and ranch dressing. Her “Breads And Pastries, Doughlectibles” section in the restaurant has a selection of quiches. I took a couple home for lunch and enjoyed the Veggie Quiche. “Its better if you use a toaster/oven” Martha said. And she likes to joke that “Each teaspoon is equal to one point on Weight Watchers.” I would agree, but worth the treat. 

On The Border

There is only one thing On The Border menu has to offer, I suppose there usually is only one, and that is their Vegetable Fajitas. Aside from their over priced house margaritas, their fajitas fit that bill as well. I have visited the Victorville location a few times and they recently have changed the fajitas on the menu to have choices of preparation, so I guess I would have to change it up a few times to get all the options down. They are not bad but definitely not great for the prices.