Lou Holtz goes to Jupiter

The legendary college coach is standing behind the batting cage watching the Cardinals take BP. I’m guessing he’s here as a guest of Tony La Russa, who seems to know a lot of guys like that (Bobby Knight, et al), but that’s just a guess on my part. Right now, Rich Donnelly has Lou cornered, probably talking about Rich’s favorite subject, Steubenville (Ohio) High School football. The Big Red, as they are known, are one of the premier programs in the country, and Rich faithfully goes to every game, home and away, when he gets home from baseball season. But if these Dodgers are as good as Sports Illustrated, Street and Smith’s and Baseball America seem to think they are, Rich might not be home until the state playoffs this year. … Ran some numbers this morning and realized the Dodgers still have nine more cuts to make before the roster is finalized. It doesn’t have to be finalized until noon on Sunday, but it makes you wonder why the obvious ones — Kelly Stinnett, Sandy Martinez, Andy La Roche, Matt Kemp, Tim Hamulack, etc. — haven’t been made yet. … Oh, Brady Clark isn’t expected to join the team until Thursday in Los Angeles. I covered this guy in Cincinnati, he’ll fit right into this clubhouse, which is full of good, professional guys. And Dodgers fans will love the way he plays.

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