Dodgers 6, Cubs 2

Pods lost to the D-backs, Phillies and Rockies both won, so the Dodgers, who go to 73-65, are now THREE back in the division, closest they have been there since they were in freefall on Aug. 4, and the Rox are right on their heels at four back. Still tied with the Phillies three back of the D-backs (or is it the Pods, I can never remember how that works, but I know they’re three back) in the wild card. The boys have their hands full tomorrow. It’s Eric Stults against Ted Lilly, and really, it’s tough to sweep a four-game series from a first-place club on the road anyway. But if they can somehow win tomorrow, what it will mean is that they can’t possibly gain any ground in the division because the Pods and D-backs, who are now tied for first again, are playing each other. But a win also would ASSURE the Dodgers of picking up a game in the wild card, because the wildcard leader after tomorrow will be the LOSER of that Pods-D-backs game. If the Dodgers LOSE tomorrow, it means they will DEFINITELY lose a game in the division and DEFINITELY remain three out in the wild card, although they still would fall a game behind the Phillies if the Phillies win, because Philly would then pick up a game and be TWO out in the wild card. Confused yet?

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