Dodgers 7, Cubs 3

First two-game winning streak in more than two weeks. The boys rode another solid performance from Derek Lowe, who now has a 1.86 ERA over his past four starts, and a three-run homer by Matt Kemp that capped a five-run seventh. All the Dodgers’ offense came against Cubs ace Carlos Zambrano, who was touched for seven earned runs on 13 hits over 6 2/3 innings. Russell Martin also homered, a two-run shot, and drove in a third run with a single that put the Dodgers ahead to stay in the seventh. Saito struck out all three batters he faced in the ninth. Dodgers go to 30-32. Snakes play later at Pittsburgh.

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  • Nice to see the Young Guns step up today and support some terrific pitching by D.Lowe. Tony, do you think Mark Sweeney is going to last? I would have guessed he’d be DFA’d in the midst of current roster changes. Thoughts?


  • Tony Jackson

    Yeah, I think they keep him around for a while just because of what he brings to the clubhouse.

  • I was rather interested in some ominous words from Ken Rosenthal during an early interview ingame. He posited the notion that the Dodgers front office may be losing their patience with some of the younger players, particularly Kemp, Ethier, and Loney.

    I wonder if that is true, or if that may have been some “pressure” that was fed to Fox as a means of potentially scaring these youngsters in getting their you-know-what together.

    The other thought, and rather more ominous in my mind, is that the Dodgers are still smarting from the Milton Bradley situation and the negative PR that caused. The last thing the Dodgers want is the perception that they have another player of color who might be a “problem”. The Dodgers are intensely PR conscious, more so than any other baseball organization in the world, and do not want to be saddled with an image concern. They have a history of moving players like that out of the organization, and Loney and Ethier, as you know, were also in the pile with Kemp, along with Martin, who is untouchable however.

    I am not saying I agree with this, but it was a thought in my mind. It would not surprise me if they used this as an excuse to move Kemp out.

  • Craig Phillips

    Personally, I’ve learned not to take anything Ken Rosenthal says very seriously. He is frequently wrong about everything – trade rumors, insider gossip, etc. Fox and Rosenthal = not the sources to trust. That’s just my opinion but I’ve seen to many of his statements prove very innacurate. But yes, I suppose if there is any credence to it, it could be a tactic to wake them up. But just as much it could’ve been misinterpreting comments from management, too.

    Anyway, hope we see another young gun — LaRoche — soon, and according to Tony and others, we might very well.