Dodgers beat Diamondbacks again

In a coin flip, that is. They held the official coin tosses at the commissioner’s office today. If the Dodgers and Diamondbacks tie for the N.L. West crown, the one-game playoff between the two clubs will take place at Dodger Stadium on Sept. 29. Heaven forbid they would ever let something like head-to-head results decide these matters. Dodgers won the season series with the Snakes 10-8. But the only reason they’re getting homefield advantage for the one-game playoff is that somebody in New York threw a coin in the air and it landed in the Dodgers’ favor. … Feels a little like a high school football game here at Coors tonight. The air is crisp and autumn-like, and we’re all bundled up. Shaping up to be a long night. Only in the top of the third and already at 49 minutes.

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  • Brooklyn Dodger

    I could understand Russell Martin bunting to move runners for Ethier and Ramirez in a normal ballpark. But not in Coors. Adding an extra run or two certainly helps, but it’s too conservative a strategy in a ballpark where even a five run lead isn’t safe. And Martin didn’t do it just once, but TWICE. Whether he was successful or not isn’t the issue. I didn’t like it either time, and that was BEFORE he failed in both attempts. Sorry, despite the fact that he hasn’t been hitting much recently, I wouldn’t have taken the bat out of his hands on either occasion.

  • max_power

    I didn’t like having Russ bunt either. I think Joe forgot who was leading off. I could understand doing that with Pierre leading off because you know he’s either gonna pop it up weakly to the left side or ground out weakly to the right side. Russ can hit the ball out of the infield occasionally Joe. Also, good job using 3 pitchers to get 3 outs in one inning tonight.

    Tony, does Joe know James McDonald is on the team? There have been plenty of great chances, including tonight, to get him into an inning but instead we keep seeing The Proctologist.

  • Craig Phillips

    An awful lot of complaining going for a team that is 3.5 games ahead and 11-1 in their last 12 games. I question one of those bunt attempts, too, but don’t have much of a problem with any of the other moves tonight. Using 3 pitchers to get 3 outs works when it works, and also means those pitchers collectively threw very few pitches so it’s not exactly a strain on any of them. Honestly you’d think the team was going down the tubes or something.

  • Craig Phillips

    Btw, I look forward to the debut of McDonald, too. I would expect we’d see him in a blowout, and/or if/when the Dodgers clinch. He’s there for the experience. At least Joe’s showing a lot of faith in Elbert.

  • lawdog

    Our dogs are going to find themselves with a serious decision to make about the future of the club. Should we mortgage the farm and pay him for a long term deal or let him walk?

    Manny presents us with a real problem next season. There is no question but that he is the swizel stick that mixes the Dodgers drink this season. Right now! Hes got the magic this team needs to contend, RIGHT NOW! He makes all the players around him better and his attitude makes the club a winner. RIGHT NOW!

    Now that weve had a few weeks riding the Mannymobile, how can we go back to a refurbished, rebuilt PimpMobile that only operates on one cylinder and cant go over 3 miles per hour now known as the AndruwUnicycle?

    If we dont sign Manny well revert to something similar to that terminal disease known as SOSAR which once again plagues the Rams. We go back to being Tracys-Tykes or Gradys-Grunts. Unless you find a player that brings the same things to the table we might as well fold our tents and go into strict rebuilding mode for another 10 years and Im just too old for that!

    But its really a Hobsons choice. Manny has us by the short hairs and Borass knows it all to well. Some other desperate club will see what the Mannyman has done for the Dogs and will give him a blank check. We have no choice but to sign him.

    Put this in perspective. Since there is no Willy Mays or Hank Aaron in their prime out there to sign in his place, Frank will just have to suck it up and pay the man 100 million for 4 years or maybe even 120 million for 5 years.

    This might just be the best thing that could happen to us! Manny is a special player and he really enjoys playing for the Dodgers. I remember when Randy Johnson was about Mannys age, or even a year or two older an d I thought it would be nuts to pay him Kevin Brown money for even 3 years. But Randy was a special player that was not only worth that kind of money for 3 yearshed have been a bargain for a team to lock him up for 5 years at the same outrageous sum he wound up getting per annum with the shorter deal.

    No matter how you slice ithe will most likely be worth every penny we pay him for next season and probably the season after that. Thats two years we can probably expect to go deep into the playoffs. Maybe even win a championship or two.

    And he just might be the captain who steers the ship for a year or two beyond that. Once he goes into the last slump which will take him to retirement, well have gotten something huge from the man.

    And were no worse off than weve been this year and years past paying Schmidt, Jones, Garciaparra, Penny, et al for nothing. Those guys have brought us very little. Nothing but turd blossems..

    I say we sign the man and think positive thoughts about it. We have no real choice. Hes a little older than Willie Mays was when Mays was in his primebut the man is playing like Willie in his prime and shows no signs of stopping. He has a great work ethicand hes happy as a clam in Dodger Blue.

    Is it really such a bad thing to have a player wholl probably play like Willie in his prime for the next three years if well have to eat his contract and rebuild after weve won a championship or three? There are worse situations in whcich we could find ourselves, dont you think?

  • max_power

    I don’t think there is any other option next year besides Signing Manny and trying to dump Jones and Pierre. Enough of this Kemp and Ethier having to earn their jobs crap. They’ve earned them. We have two set outfielders for next year Manny would become the third if we sign him. Jones and Pierre are useless.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    The Dodgers should definately make a serious run at Manny. However, unless Manny pulls an A-Rod and bypasses Boras, he is likely going to end up on the free agent market. Does anyone know if Mark Texeira can play leftfield, because that would be a potential (younger) alternative. Or maybe Loney in left and Texeira at first. Just thinking out loud. I really don’t know if any of this stuff is feasible or makes the slightest sense.

    I’m not an expert on Dodger finances, but C.C. Sabathia would look good in Dodger blue. Not only are the Dodgers dropping a lot of high priced players from the payroll (Kent, Nomar, Loaiza, and potentially Lowe, Furcal and Penny), but in thinking long term they will be able to factor in that Jones and Schmidt will be removed from the payroll following 2009. Of course, on the flip side they will also have to factor in that their younger players (Kemp, Ethier, Kemp, Billingsley, Broxton, etc.) will be commanding larger contracts.

    As for using McDonald. I thought the Dodgers had the opportunity in some earlier games where they had substantial leads. However, I didn’t think last night was the time, and for the following reasons:

    1. McDonald hasn’t pitched since the end of August. I can’t imagine that he’s at his sharpest.

    2. Bringing McDonald into a relatively close game (by Coors Field standards) at this juncture, given his inexperience and lack of recent work, would have been unfair to him.

    3. Definitely Penny and probably Proctor will have roles on a playoff roster. Given their recent layoffs, they need work in garbage games as well. And beginning tonight, add Saito to that list. Elbert has been getting work simply because he’s lefthanded, and because Kuo has been unavailable. Also, should Kuo’s situation be worse than reported, Elbert is likely being given work because he could potentially replace Kuo on the playoff roster.

    At some point McDonald will probably be given a chance to get his feet wet. If it does happen I suspect it will be after the Dodgers leave Coors.

    I doubt if the Dodgers will simply dump Jones, and finding a buyer is a long shot, unless they’re willing to pick up a very large piece of his contract. As for Pierre, trading him seems unlikely, but I’m not convinced it’s out of the question. His contract is now down to three years. If the Dodgers were willing to pick up a significant piece of his contract there could conceivably be a buyer out there. Stranger things have happened.