The meeting is confirmed

It is at Dodger Stadium, it does involve McCourt, Colletti, Boras and Boras assistant Mike Fiore, and it is ongoing. That’s all we have for now.

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  • JK

    Come on, Ned!!! Get’er done. Use the power of the stache!

  • LASteve

    I didn’t know Boras represented Jeff Kent, this meeting is about bringing back the Grumpy Old Man, right?

  • JK

    Nope. Manny! I was saying Ned needs to use the power of his stache.

  • joshburke2

    Remember that SNL commercial from the Will Farrell era SNL where Tracy Morgan came out of thje bathtub and carry his bathers across a beach. “Caribbean Essence Bath Oil”, I believe….Manny is the dreadlocked Caribbean stud and Frank and Ned are the horny housewife, if you will.