The agreement is in place

The face-to-face meeting took place early this morning — VERY early, apparently. There is now an agreement in principle on a two-year, $45 million contract, with the final hurdle of Manny passing a physical exam. Once that happens, he’ll sign the contract and report to spring training, guessing he’ll be here tomorrow morning. Ned Colletti and Joe Torre, who went to Los Angeles for the meeting with Manny and McCourt, are on their way back here to Glendale now.

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  • Any news on the deferred money?

  • tm_rome

    Tony-Please tell us that IF Manny opts out and signs elsewhere in 2010 that Colletti was smart enough to allow the Dodgers a chance to offer salary arb, then get draft compensation. The Dodgers didn’t do this with JD Drew and that was a major mistake…any details?

  • Dave R.

    I doubt Borass would go for that rome. Just look at the impact type A status had on guys like O-Dawg.

  • Tony,

    Nice job on ESPN. You should tell them though to use an updated photo of you! 🙂

  • Chris M.


    Great to see you on ESPN. Thanks for your kindness yesterday . . . my friend and I took a picture with you. You do a great job with this blog in providing us fresh info on this team we love.

  • Tony,

    Have the details of the deferral been released yet? Is it something like:

    2009 $25 million: $10m/$5m/$5m/$5m
    2010 $20 million: xxxx/$5m/$5m/$5m/$5m

  • ToyCannon

    Thanks Tony for great coverage on this! I am going to celebrate that Manny is finally here & now looking forward to a highly successful year for the Dodgers.

  • Buddy

    ESPN is reporting $25M is deferred over 5 years, a player opt out clause after the first year and a full no-trade clause.

  • The first 25 is deferred over 5 years? So 5 per year? Wow…

  • Buddy

    The devil is in the details but I’m sure there’s some sort of signing bonus and a certain amount (guessing $10) that he’ll receive during the season.

    All in all it doesn’t matter, he’s signed.

    Now if we can trade Pierre and somebody else for a 200 inning starter. They’ll have to eat most of Pierre’s contract to acquire someone but I’m sure something will materialize by the trading deadline.

  • Buddy,

    ESPN simply referenced, and have no details other than “$25m is deferred over 5 years,” meaning they are using the framework of 10/10/10/10/5 (the last $25m of that being deferred).

    What I’m looking for is a breakdown of each year of the deal, especially since it is probable that Manny opts out after 2009.

  • Dave R.

    Once you factor in deferrals for Manny and Jones as well as Furcal’s backloaded deal ($5 million in 2009), payroll is going to be WAAAAY down from last year’s $118 million.

    Tony – any idea on the 09 payroll number yet?

  • Dave R,

    Assuming Manny gets paid $10 million in 2009, I have the payroll this year at roughly $97 million.