Roster taking shape

There were a few more cuts after the game yesterday that I forgot to mention on this blog, but none of them was a surprise, and they’re listed in today’s paper if you want to check it out. The important thing to note is that, after reading between the lines of Joe Torre’s postgame comments yesterday — and Joe is really good at giving writers lines to read through — it is becoming fairly apparently who is and who isn’t going to be on this club when the season begins, at least from a position-player standpoint. My best educated guess at this point is that Juan Castro and Doug Mientkiewicz make the club as extra infielders, giving the Dodgers seven infielders in all. That means only four outfielders, which probably means Delwyn Young will be waived if he isn’t traded — and while that SOUNDS negative, it’s probably a good thing for DY, as he might end up with a club that will give him regular playing time. It also probably means Chin-lung Hu and Jason Repko are all headed for abq. But as always, I reserve the right to be wrong.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    5th outfielder is Casey Blake. 🙂

  • tm_rome

    Tony-so 7 infielders including Castro and Mientkiewicz…other than the 4 starts, I assume Loretta is the 7th…I guess Blake DeWitt is headed to ABQ…will be play 2nd or 3b? Any guesses?

  • Denton True

    Under that scenario, Kemp better stay consistent. Who else is going to play CF if Pierre is the only backup outfielder? We’ve seen what he is [in]capable of in CF.

    Doug Mientkiewicz seems a bit redundant since the Dodgers already have a lefthand hitting first baseman. I guess he’ll fill the Mark Sweeney role and be the main guy off the bench for PH duties.

    DeWitt, last year’s ST and opening day success story, is heading to AAA.

    Every year the Dodgers get hoodwinked into keeping a player because of his great ST numbers (think Jason Johnson, Scott Erickson, Chad Fonville, or Mike Ramsey for those who can think back a few years ago…) even though in many of these cases, all evidence points to him being a dismal failure over the course of the regular season. Juan Castro is great with the glove and Furcal will need a capable backup. However, we know Castro will hit about half of what he’s pounding ST pitchers for. Castro has hit under .200 the past two years, well below the Mendoza line. Does he make up in defense what he costs you in offense? I’m sure some statheads can answer that but it seems to be an obvious no.

  • BruinFBBB

    (Backup) shortstop is a position where teams can sacrifice offense for defense, especially true considering all of the other bats in the line-up.

    Manny better stay consistent if Pierre is the backup outfielder…

  • Registered User

    Tony, is there a petition we can sign to keep the Dodgers from DFA’ing Delwyn Young? I mean seriously, with Mark Loretta a supersub who can play all infield positions what is the point of having both Castro and Minkywtz, and in turn, because of that, losing a very solid young hitter/bench player in Delwyn Young, forever? I don’t understand this yearly fascination with veteran backups and losing guys like Cody Ross and co. in the process. Is there any hope for “Pee-Wee”?

  • Jayrew


    I agree 100%. Our fascination with old vets really kills our identity. When are we gonna learn that the Mark sweeneys and Mike Lieberthals are a waste of a roster spot for a youngster like Delwyn? A young 20-something hitting .250 off the bench is better than a 38 year old hitting .187…

  • BruinFBBB

    If the Dodgers thought DY was ever going to be an everyday player for them, then they certainly would have found a roster spot for him…

    These old guys will provide veteran leadership for the young club. (There has been a gap in that role ever since Jeff Kent announced his retirement)…

    Thus, the couple of extra hits that D would have got are more than made up for…

  • Denton True


    Seriously, you think Cora or Eye Chart is going to provide “veteran leadership” that will push the Dodgers over the top?

    I think you overestimate the value of having an old guy on the bench.

  • BruinFBBB

    I trust Joe Torre’s opinion more than yours and mine combined.

    You overestimate the value of DY.

  • rjthrelkeld

    BruinFBBB, you must be a geezer because only old people believe that pablum about veteran leadership. That stuff is soooo silly. All it is, is an affirmative-action program for guys who skill sets have eroded. You need to look at DY’s PH numbers and you’ll quickly learn how badly you’re mistaken. As for trusting Joe Torre’s opinion, isn’t he the guy who kept giving Mark Sweeney every opportunity to fail and was amply rewarded.

    DY, learn to play 2B properly (<25 errors) and come to WAS for a full-time job!! We need you... NOW!

  • BruinFBBB

    No, he’s the guy with more rings on his finger than Tony Jackson. But do everyone a favor and refrain from the name-calling. It hurts your credibility.

    Welcome to the club savvy vets! Good luck in your travels DY!