Baby, it’s cold outside

I love it when all those East Coasters tell us SoCal types how lucky we are to have the weather we have, because they think it’s warm and tropical and sunny here all the time. It is miserable here at Petco tonight. Not East Coast miserable, mind you. It’s not snowing or 40 degrees. But it has been windy and chilly all day, and that means it’s going to be a lot more uncomfortable once the sun sets. Pods will be wearing their camouflage jerseys tonight, which they frequently do to honor the military. Sure makes it hard to see them, though. Sorry, another bad joke.

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  • Buddy

    I have no idea why San Diego still insists on wearing those ugly uniforms, military tribute or not.

  • ToyCannon

    Those uni’s are horrible, but the Puds have had a long history of having the worst uniforms in MLB. If they want to pay tribute to the military, put a patch on a sleeve.

  • ToyCannon

    I’m on the east coast right now & it’s 80 degrees, beautiful. I’m in Miami (is also on the east coast) today. You should say ‘northeast’ where all that cruddy weather is.

  • GScott

    I’m sure a lot of Floridians complain about being lumped in with the rest of the East Coast all the time, but do we really need to specifically list all of the places with bad weather and bitter fans or can the retirees and manatees turn a deaf ear and know what we mean once in awhile. Trying to appease everyone is part of the reason why the country is in the crapper.

  • ToyCannon

    You’re the one who sounds bitter GScott. And I don’t see any retirees or manatees here in South Beach, just a lot of hotties.