Loney is sitting because …

… Torre wants to get Mark Loretta some ABs and Loretta is the only position player who hasn’t started a game yet. That wouldn’t have been true, of course, if Mientkiewicz were still on the roster, but he isn’t. Juan Castro hasn’t started a game, either, but he doesn’t count because he didn’t get here until Monday. Also, both Furcal and Martin are expected to sit tomorrow. Ausmus will obviously catch, and it sounds like DeWitt will play SS. … They just finished playing Rocky Mountain High by John Denver. Now, they’re playing Me and You and a Dog Named Blue. A scout in the back row just told another scout, “I haven’t heard this song since I was, like, 8.”

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  • Marcel

    Castro doesn’t get there until Monday? I just saw him introduced on Opening Day.

  • Marcel

    Nevermind. Somehow mixed up “didn’t” and “doesn’t”

  • Buddy

    I’ll take Nancy Bea Hefley over a sound system at Dodger stadium any day.

  • GScott


  • TJ2

    Darn young whipper snappers! The song is, “Me and You and a Dog Named BOO”.

    I guess you thought the dog was a Dodger fan, eh, Tony? ūüėČ

  • DodgerNRG

    You know what song is getting irritating.. Don’t Stop Bleieving, they keep playing that song in any situation.

  • muzicman

    good to see they got some one to play first…still don’t see improvement from the last 2 years….maybe other competition will help him focus on being a team player…it takes 9 players and he needs to learn to suck it up….sure that manny will have influence on training and be ready to play ball…..will be an interesting year and see how the chemistry works