Tonight’s lineup: Loney, Martin flipped again

Once again, I can’t really figure out what this is about. Loney is hitting .222 (4 for 18) against Ubaldo Jimenez, Martin is hitting .385 (5 for 13) against him, and this once again puts the two lefties back to back in the order.

Furcal 6
Hudson 4
Ramirez 7
Ethier 9
Loney 3
Martin 2
Kemp 8
Blake 5
McDonald 1

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  • BlueCrew88

    Joe is officially “off his rocker”…

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Actually, it makes perfect sense to me. Torre probably wants the two lefthanders back to back against the righthanded Jimenez, and doesn’t fear the lefthanders in the Colorado bullpen that could be brought in later in the game to face Ethier and Loney, neither of which is intimidated by lefthanders. Also, if memory serves me correct, Loney has a history of hitting well at Coors. The fact that Martin isn’t hitting very well as of late has also got to be a factor. And, as I’ve noted before (as have others), I would prefer to see Kemp hitting higher in the lineup.

  • BlueCrew88

    I’ve been on that same boat with you re: Kemp, but this switch did nothing to move Kemp up further in the order.