Fireworks: Fielder tried to bust into Dodgers’ clubhouse

Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder, upset at getting beaned by Dodgers pitcher Guillermo Mota, tried to barge his way into the Dodgers’ clubhouse after tonight’s game, but was stopped by security guards and a few of his Brewers teammates.

Check out Doug Padilla’s story, which will be posted on the Daily News site shortly, for a full account.

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  • Prince is a goof ball. He grazes, somehow is obese, and shows no respect for the game of baseball

  • Florists Don’t Know Jack

    Well I hear Florists know a lot about grazing…bouquet on! By stating that Prince shows no respect for baseball you are also proving your lack of intellect when it comes to baseball. He grew up around baseball and every player in the MLB respects Prince for his talent. If you want to talk about disrespect take a look at your own team…steroids…enough said when it comes to disrespect. The pitch at Manny was an obvious accident, and LA planned the pitch at Prince with a guy worming up in the bullpen. Prince just made the mistake of waiting till after the game to go after Mota. We’ll see what happens tonight, guaranteed retaliation by the Brewers. Play Ball!

  • TDOG

    Fielder is as big a wuss as Shane Victorino when he was surprised that Kuroda fired back. You start grazing our batters you get the bull by the horns. Don’t be shocked Fielder, your buddies set you up! I remember a few seasons ago when Fielder had a run in at 2nd base with Kent. Sliding far outside the baseline to trip Kent up on the double play. Fielder wore that same fat face of disbelief when Kent actually set him straight between the difference of hardball and bush league. Fielders always been bush league that why he plays on the Brewers…get it???