There’s responsibilities with fame

 Being famous brings tremedous responsibilities, such as having a photo ready to autograph for your fans. After my yoga class I stop by Wal-Mart to make copies of one of the pictures a photographer gave me. The two ladies at the photo counter are totally overwhelmed. Santa Claus is at the store today and children can visit him with their wishes and have a photo taken for their parents and if that’s not enough- the photos are free. Not the cruddy little Polaroid ones either, but nice big 5″x7″s printed properly in full color with holly borders.


I tell the women that I am the 31 Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Queen and they stop sorting photos and actually have a little spat over who will help me! Geez, I want a peaceful kingdom! They end up smiling and tease each other bantering back and forth as one helps me select a snowflake border and write my name and title under the photo.


I get 50 copies, which should hold me out for a little while and go home to practice my penmanship.


My friend Joe Walla is a decent songwriter and singer and an awesome guitarist. He is doing an acoustic show for a change down at the Universal Bar and Grill in Hollywood. It’s cold, but I put on something cute and head out the door.

He greets me with a hug and a “Congrats” in his booming voice and then tells me all about what he’s been doing and where he’ll play next.

The show is going well and Joe is working the crowd with his funny patter. He prepares to introduce the next song.

“Here’s one for the ladies. Oh, did I tell ya, there’s some special people in the house tonight. My producer’s mother is here- wave ma. And the Queen of the Doo Dah Parade- say hello.”

Pasadena’s party parade is even well-known in Hollyweird.

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